Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
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Ford F-150 Won't Leave Diesel Fans Stranded

Ford F-150 Won't Leave Diesel Fans Stranded

The 3.0-liter engine, built in Great Britain, is a variant of the Lion diesel that Ford builds for its Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

Features such as a variable-geometry turbocharger and compacted-graphite iron block material construction are utilized in order to provide improved fuel efficiency, as well as strong and continuous torque delivery throughout the entire rev range.

For those looking for towing capacity and fuel economy in their full-size pickup, Ford Motor Co. announced a sixth engine option for the 2018 F-150: a 3.0L V6 Power Stroke turbo diesel. It also bestows the pick-up with a claimed best-in-class towing capacity (5,170 kg) and payload capacity (916 kg). In contrast, the new Ford engine will hold a modest edge over its Ram 1500 V6 diesel rival, rated for 240 hp, 420 lb-ft, and a highway rating of 29 mpg.

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Although diesel's popularity with general carbuyers has rapidly declined over the past few years-just nine diesel-powered passenger cars are available so far in 2018, down from 22 in 2015-truck buyers have clamored for the engine option in light-duty trucks and are seemingly willing to pay for it.

"We know that competing diesels with electric cooling fans have to dial back on power under extreme heat and altitude, so we decided on a viscous-controlled mechanical fan that has the capacity to move much more air across the radiator and intercooler in extreme conditions", said David Ives, Ford's diesel engine technical specialist. That makes sure the F-150 makes the most of its low-rpm torque, for instance. It costs $4,000 more than a similarly equipped 2.7-liter V-6 Lariat, or $2,400 over a similar 3.5-liter V-6 version. Diesel-powered XL and XLT versions will be available only to fleet buyers. "This gives F-150 Power Stroke owners more power and more passing capability in harsh conditions". The diesel F-150 will sport a 26-gallon diesel fuel tank that, when combined with a 30-mpg anticipated highway range, could net up to 780 miles of driving range.

Ford says dealers will open order books for the diesel toward the middle of this month, but you may want to prepare for some price shock.

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