Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
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Hope North Korea sees worth in ending worldwide isolation: White Home

Hope North Korea sees worth in ending worldwide isolation: White Home

It was last used in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy.

North Korean Hyon Song Wol, head of North Korea's art troupe, walks onto a train before leaving for Gangneung at the Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018.

Hyun also serves as director of the Moranbong Band, the country's well-known all-female musical group, reportedly created at the order of leader Kim Jong Un.

The delegation crossed the land border via the Gyeongui Line for a two-day trip, becoming the first North Koreans to travel to the South since the Moon Jae In administration took power in May a year ago.

The North Korean delegation will begin arriving in South Korea on January 25, according to the joint statement.

With no official media access given to Hyon, TV stations broadcast live footage of her bus moving on Seoul's roads before arriving at the railway station, where hundreds of police officers were mobilized to maintain order.

Many South Koreans believe their government went too far by pushing athletes into a "political show" that will likely become meaningless once the lull in tensions breaks down after.

The two Koreas chose to march under a single flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea later this year.

Jennifer Jones right and Kaitlyn Lawes left as they sit and watch their opponent during the women's curling semifinal game against Britain at the 2014 Winter Olympics in S
Hope North Korea sees worth in ending worldwide isolation: White Home

The deal over the unified women's ice hockey team sparked fury in the South, where critics accused Seoul of robbing some of its own players of the opportunity to compete at the Olympics for the sake of politics.

The unified ice hockey team will be made up of the 23 members of South Korea's existing team and 12 North Korean skaters.

The IOC has approved that delegations from the two countries be marching together as one under the name "Korea" at the Opening Ceremony and led into the Olympic Stadium by the Korean Unification Flag, carried by two athletes from the two NOCs respectively.

"The Olympic spirit is about respect, dialogue and understanding", Bach said after making the announcement in Lausanne.

The current mood of reconciliation between the Koreas flared after Kim abruptly expressed his willingness to improve ties and send a delegation to the Olympics during his annual New Year's address.

But Moon's critics, including much of South Korea's generally conservative media, have argued that the North will use the Olympics as a propaganda opportunity, to try to weaken worldwide resolve over enforcing sanctions against the North for its nuclear programme. It wasn't clear why the visit was rescheduled. Comprising about 80 orchestra musicians and 60 members to sing and dance, the art troupe will make a rare performance featuring Western-style outfits and music. They will return to Seoul Monday to look at three or four possible concert venues in the capital and fine tune performance details before heading back to the North.

South Korean officials have also said Pyongyang had accepted proposals for South Koreans to travel to North Korea for joint athletic training at the Masikryong Ski Resort and a cultural event at Mount Kumgang, a once popular tourist area.

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