Published: Fri, January 26, 2018
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

How To Install And Setup The Apple Homepod

How To Install And Setup The Apple Homepod

After a brief delay, Apple's HomePod smart speaker will finally hit store shelves on February 9.

In short, perhaps think twice about pre-ordering that HomePod (which will do less than its competitors' devices), and instead think about buying two Sonos speakers for the same price. "We believe in freedom of choice and don't want to lock people into a specific ecosystem - it's why we support more than 80 streaming services globally and will take an agnostic approach to voice assistants as well". Currently, you'll need to use Apple TVs for multi-room audio; however, you'll eventually be able to use speakers that support the feature like Apple's HomePod or the Sonos ONE. Later this year, the speaker will become compatible with Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2.

Sonos One (reviewed) includes Alexa integration for voice control that works with various music services including Spotify, but Apple Music control by voice is limited to play/pause and volume control.

Apple is also delaying the rollout of its automatic stereo pairing feature when two HomePod speakers are placed in the same room.

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While the Apple HomePod is set to roll out only to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia with its initial launch, there is evidence that the Siri functionality with the Apple HomePod already supports all of the languages that Siri on iOS devices is capable of communicating with. It's also by asking Siri that users can control the smart home gadgets around the house. Again, Apple has promised the ability to link multiple speakers together and play the same songs on them simultaneously will be added sometime in 2018.

The HomePod is not just for music lovers, it can also come in handy for controlling your smart devices.

However, no amount of signal processing can overcome weak speakers, so while this is a nice addition, it's not going to make your audio quality substantially better.

Additionally, the report said Siri will only call out notifications, including text messages and calendar appointments, when that owner is on the same network as the HomePod.

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