Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Kellyanne Conway says nobody talks about Hillary Clinton. Trump, of course, tweets

Kellyanne Conway says nobody talks about Hillary Clinton. Trump, of course, tweets

Kellyanne Conway's feud with Chris Cuomo is apparently one she is not keen to let go of.

A hallmark of Donald Trump's first year in office has been a frequent tendency to invoke Hillary Clinton whenever things get tough.

On Wednesday night, #Kellyanne Conway got into a heated exchange with CNN host Chris Cuomo over the ongoing Russian investigation and the White House's constant need to deflect back to #Hillary Clinton. Since the day he became president, Trump has tweeted about Clinton - or "Crooked Hillary" - about 70 times.

"Should we send you all the tweets in which he says 'Hillary Clinton'?".

The two continued to talk over each other, and Cuomo brought up the alleged Russian election meddling, as well as the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which top Trump campaign officials met with a Russian lawyer with potential ties to the Kremlin in order to receive dirt on Clinton.

"I am for massive oil and gas and everything else and a lot of energy", he said.

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She said she's "hopping mad" that the media refuses to inform the American people, bringing up a bipartisan bill signed by Trump on Wednesday to stem the flow of fentanyl into the U.S.

A CNN panel on Thursday burst out laughing after seeing that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway had once again insisted that she and the Trump administration are not obsessed with Hillary Clinton. "That's, perhaps, ridiculous, and a lot of people looked upon that as being a very serious breach".

"Can you do like 10-12 more tweets about Hillary Clinton that explain how you never think about Hillary Clinton?" an additional post wondered with sarcasm. Where are hidden and smashed DNC servers?

Her latest tweet is a clear swipe at Cuomo's morning show New Day, a time slot rival of Fox & Friends, along with MSNBC's Morning Joe. On Thursday, Trump returned to his "Crooked Hillary Emails" greatest hits, seemingly in response Senator Feinstein's unilateral release of an interview with the author of a now-infamous dossier on how Russian Federation influenced the United States election via the Trump campaign.

"I'm sorry Christopher, are you telling the viewers that no drugs come through the southern border?" she said.

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