Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
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Koreas united on Winter Olympics

Koreas united on Winter Olympics

The event is being staged to celebrate the 70th anniversary of North Korea's military, and despite inconveniently falling on the day before South Korea's Winter Olympics, it has been reported that Kim Jong Un will press ahead with the commemorations. "It is not surprising that North Korea is sending more cheerleaders and musicians than athletes".

"We will concentrate our diplomatic capability on inducing the North and the US enter dialogue process together and endeavor to make a virtuous circle between North-South dialogue and talks between the North and the US", South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told NK News.

On Tuesday, officials from North and South agreed a 140-person North Korean orchestra would perform in South Korea during the Games.

Officials of the two Koreas met at the nearby truce village of Panmunjom on Monday to discuss the art performances, when Hyon was the second most senior delegate of the North.

North Korea is also demanding that American assets withdraw from South Korea and that Seoul end its military cooperation with the country. But along the way, there has been considerable criticism that the athletes on the South Korean team who earned the right to compete in the Olympics will have fewer opportunities to play in the games and that this will also undermine the team's esprit de corps.

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In addition the USA has imposed its own sanctions, which would punish any individual or company in the world which does business with North Korea.

But the idea of marching under a flag symbolising a unified Korea has been rejected by many South Koreans who resent the perceived attempts by an undeserving North to steal the limelight at the high profile sports event.

"The ministers agreed that sanctions and pressure will continue on North Korea as it keeps developing nuclear weapons and missiles". The last time the two power marched united was back in Italy 12 years ago. She said if all United Nations member states implemented the mandatory sanctions, they would reduce North Korea's 2018 export earnings by almost 95% from its 2016 earnings. However, if North and South Korea evolve a modus vivendi and eventually unite, there is no doubt that the South's capitalist democratic system will soon overwhelm the North. Participants that gathered in Canada, while rejecting the Chinese-Russian "double freeze" roadmap for easing Korean tensions, failed to provide any alternative, Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It remains unclear if this was a suspension of the advanced team or a full cancellation. "The government has said it will do its best to ensure that [the athletes'] sweat and tears will not be wasted through unfair means, and this issue will be resolved with the IOC [International Olympic Committee] by adding something to sweeten the pot [increasing the team's roster]", the official added. The sporting integrity of the Games is vital, and we are committed to working with our partners to ensure that PyeongChang 2018 provides a level playing field for all clean athletes.

"We are greatly encouraged by the increase in ticket sales and are looking forward to seeing strong crowds for the Games", Craig Spence, International Paralympic Committee communications director, said to ATR regarding the new figure.

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