Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

LG's new robots deliver food and double as shopping carts

LG's new robots deliver food and double as shopping carts

LG's new CLOi robots.

LG's airport guide robot, unveiled at CES a year ago.

These innovative robotos can fetch your drinks at hotels and carry your baggage at airports.

Unsurprisingly, LG is tying the robots up with its brand new ThinQ brand, giving it an AI spin. Called CLOi, the robots are more like rolling baskets, created to hold a variety of items, and work in grocery stores and airports too. Its two airport robots are already being tested out in South Korea's Incheon International Airport, with an eye to helping out during the rush for the Winter Olympics in neighboring Pyeongchang County. These robots, whose range LG has baptized CLOi, are meant to help with carrying your suitcase, shopping in supermarkets and even carry your drinks in hotels. It has a built-in sliding tray, can interact with guests, and once the delivery is confirmed it will make its way back to the kitchen independently.

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The first robot is called Serving Robot. The second CLOi robot named "porter robot" can help passengers handle their baggage and can also assist in their express check-in and check-out.

"Finally, LG's third new robot is made to work with customers at a supermarket, telling them the price of products and then guiding them through the aisles", they proclaimed, adding that, "If popularized, such technologies would likely be bad news for many of those working in the services industry", since almost 50 percent of workers in the world are in the services sector. The bot is also capable of delivering guests' luggage to the waiting auto at a fast rate. The third robot features a shopping basket and a barcode reader, along with a face displays shopping lists by way of a connected smartphone app.

The CLOi robots, LG said, will be "developed in parallel to ThinQ products, LG's AI brand for consumer electronics and home appliances".

While we are on our toe to serve you hot the next update on LG robotics, why don't you drop your thoughts in comments below on how the robots are making things more convenient for us!

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