Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

PUBG PC Update Replaces Energy Drink, Adds New Loot Crates

PUBG PC Update Replaces Energy Drink, Adds New Loot Crates

Starting with the current test build (once the testing is complete, this feature will be moved to the live servers as well), you will be able to report players directly from the replay feature of our game.

Not content with attempting to polish up the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, developer Bluehole confirmed today that it's also preparing to launch a new update for the PC version of the hit title. The Replay feature allows players to record everything that happens within 1km around their character for later review. You can see an example in the image below.

With the addition of the report button to the replay feature, players can take a look at what they believe is cheating behavior and likely forward that evidence along with their report.

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The two new crates join the existing Wanderer and Survivor crates - both of which are free to open - in the pool. Once the test server patch is stable enough, it will go live and players will be able to spend real money on keys to unlock the new clothing items. When you buy a crate with Battle Points (BP), you'll get one of the four available crates, with a higher chance of grabbing a new crate.

For more details on the latest PUBG update, check out the Steam Community post for the full patch notes. Normally, players will open up crates and be given some random crap, but now there will be a locked crate that can contain items specific to the "Gamescom" and "Desperado" sets. There were adjustments to squad team colors, more objects added around La Bendita on the Miramar map to increase the amount of cover, and a number of bug fixes and improvements to the Replay system, including the ability to report players directly inside of the Replay system. Like other outfits, these are completely cosmetic in nature.

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