Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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Puckett Clarifies His Position with CoD Events After Overwatch League Announcement

Puckett Clarifies His Position with CoD Events After Overwatch League Announcement

The Overwatch League is nearly upon us, which means there's a lot of information to take in.

You'll be able to purchase them with a new type of currency.

Overwatch League skins & sprays are now available in the game according to patch notes posted on the game's official forums. In total, that's technically 312 new color variant skins available; one for each hero per team's color scheme.

Also, like you would expect from the NFL, there is a sort of "fantasy football" for the Overwatch League. Purchasing League Tokens supports the teams in a revenue split with Blizzard, although the details of exactly how the money is split have not been publicly revealed.

No matter the reason, Twitch's Overwatch deal is another step on the road to ensuring that Activision's new league hits the ground running. For players who log on before February 13, they'll be awarded with enough "league tokens" to get one skin for a character for free.

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The inaugural season of the Overwatch League concludes with the playoffs this summer, but that isn't the end at all.

According to Blizzard's announcement, Twitch is set to broadcast each and every Overwatch League match live over the course of the league's first two seasons in English, French, and Korean, with this two-year deal for exclusive broadcast rights including playoffs and championship matches. The partnership also brings with it exclusive Overwatch League items in the game itself for some of the most die-hard viewers.

Fans can watch the games live by buying tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday matches. In annual terms, the deal is comparable to the seven-year, $300M deal struck in late '16 by League of Legends publisher Riot Games with BAMTech. After all, Overwatch already has an existing player count of more than 35 million worldwide, and with the game's third-party stream going to Twitch's viewership-which boasts an audience bigger than HBO or Netflix-there's definitely some major potential for the team-based shooter to push eSports toward universal appeal.

The Overwatch League will run, at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, until June, with play-offs and finals scheduled for July.

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