Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Speaker Paul Ryan calls Pres. Trump's immigrant remarks 'unfortunate' and 'unhelpful'

Speaker Paul Ryan calls Pres. Trump's immigrant remarks 'unfortunate' and 'unhelpful'

Ryan said on Friday, "We need to fix DACA that (A) gets strong bipartisan support, that (B) does it in a thorough way so that we do not have another DACA problem five to ten years down the road".

Trump's first tweet about surveillance on Thursday mentioned a House vote on a section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that allows the FISA court to demand communications made by foreign persons not on US soil from USA companies like Google and AT&T.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that Republicans will not attach an immigration deal to a must-pass spending bill ahead of next week's deadline and predicted there would be no government shutdown.

The comments from Ryan and Trump all but assure the Republican-held Congress will not move toward its long-held goal in the near future.

According to the Washington Post, Trump countries such as Haiti, El Salvador, as well as Africa as "shithole countries".

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He then said their story of overcoming that oppression was "a lovely story of America".

When the moderator clarified that he was referring to "a word I can't mention" about African countries, Ryan said he was focused on other issues on Thursday and read those comments later at night. "So I see this as something to celebrate", Ryan added.

"The first thing that came to my mind was 'very unfortunate, unhelpful.' What I thought of right away was my own family". But he said he wants it to be part of a deal on border security.

Ryan didn't issue a statement on Trump's comments, and when he was asked about what Trump said Thursday, Ryan joked that Trump "said a lot of things yesterday, which one are you talking about?"

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