Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
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'Spielberg got everything we wanted to find out'

'Spielberg got everything we wanted to find out'

"You were in the room obviously when Oprah, our future president ..." "Where do I send the check?" she joked.

"I was told to get martinis", he tells Ellen DeGeneres.

"We really thirst for that", Streep said. "He had got the things we wanted to find out".

Steven Spielberg directs Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in The Post, a first-time collaboration between the three Hollywood heavyweights.

"He brought four of them, and he brought them under my nose", Streep said, motioning with her hands how Hanks was taunting her.

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She described Oprah's speech as a "barn burner", and Hanks joked that while Oprah was speaking, the pool water at the nearby Hilton Hotel actually separated. "She's on antibiotics because she's getting over the flu so she couldn't have one", Hanks taunted Streep.

The actor reveals, "I was sitting around, here it is, Steven and Meryl (Streep, co-star) I read it very very quickly and said OK! I had never been so nervous..."

During their first joint Ellen appearance, the talk show host also had the two award-winning actors recite lines from each other's most famous roles.

For stretches it no doubt does, with Streep and Hanks among a talented cast including Bob Odenkirk, Jesse Plemons, Bradley Whitford, Bruce Greenwood, Sarah Paulson, Michael Stuhlbarg and Alison Brie who collectively turn frequently engaging material into a duly compelling battle of wills.

Watch the videos above to see the duo discuss working together for the very first time and transform into each other's most famous characters.

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