Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
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The iPhone battery issue - how does it affect local iPhone owners?

The iPhone battery issue - how does it affect local iPhone owners?

That's essentially what iStore is telling South African iPhone owners in the wake of news from the United States that Apple has offered to slash the price of out-of-warranty replacement batteries from the usual $79 to just $29.

Last week, the company announced plans to replace old iPhone batteries after it was revealed that the company deliberately slows down the performance of older iPhones when new models are about to be launched - something that has been suspected for a long time.

The current iPhone battery saga certainly hasn't gone under the radar in the headlines, but a promised update to iOS will likely increase the number of customers who decide to have their batteries replaced. If you have an iPhone 7 generation model with an earlier version of iOS, then your performance won't be throttled.

"Yes‚ you will be able to buy replacement iPhone batteries‚ but we can't say when or what they will cost".

However, this fact can't be denied that the Cupertino based tech giant should have been more transparent to keep users aware of the practice.

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For the iPhone 6, 6S, and SE, Apple's performance-throttling feature was introduced in iOS 10.2.1.

Usually, Apple recommends you get a replacement when your iPhone's battery can retain only 80% of its original capacity. This was first found on the iPhone 6s, but was followed by similar incidents on older phones.

The test involved displaying the same image on an iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at full brightness for 510 hours. It's not always that simple and an app like coconutBattery or Battery Life can give a more detailed read on how your battery is performing.

Apple has been asked to provide information about how Brazillian consumers can purchase the new battery replacements at their discounted pricing.

Barron's picked up on a note from Mark Moskowitz of Barclays projecting a "significant" draw from iPhone sales in favor of subsidized battery replacements at $29 apiece starting immedately. As a side note, this offer is worth taking up even if your battery isn't worn out yet since it's a time-limited but huge discount, after all.

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