Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
Health Care | By Alberto Manning

There's Another Death from Flu in Oklahoma

There's Another Death from Flu in Oklahoma

Influenza activity is now classified as high in Central Jersey and much of North Jersey.

"The strains we have been seeing are "influenza A's" and they're H3N2's", said Whitney.

It's January and, of course, the influenza season has begun.

"While it looks like the circulating virus is covered by this year's flu shot, very young children, older adults and those with other medical conditions may not see total protection from the shot".

Nine pediatric flu deaths had been reported this season from other states as of December 16, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The H3N2 strain, which caused one of Australia's worst flu outbreaks previous year, can lead to pneumonia and other life-threatening conditions.

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Tan adds that while the current vaccine and the circulating flu strains may not be a flawless match, there are still a lot of protective benefits.

Saunders said despite popular belief, cold weather has no effect making the flu worse or last longer. Jamie Dukes with the State Health Department says we're in peak flu season, with hundreds of cases of hospitalizations across Oklahoma.

As flu is a virus, there is no cure; you can only alleviate the effects by getting plenty of sleep and fluids, and taking Ibuprofen to lower your temperature and relieve aches and pain.

Dr. Tan said many illnesses can cause similar symptoms, including headache, fever and chills, so unless you get tested, you won't know for sure. "They go through this antigenic change every year, so March is when they decide what's going into the vaccine and we start seeing the cases in September and October".

Stay home from work if you are sick and cover your mouth when you cough with your sleeve or a tissue.

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