Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Theresa May Plays it Safe With Cabinet Reshuffle

Theresa May Plays it Safe With Cabinet Reshuffle

These include Finance Minister Philip Hammond who has angered many Tory MPs by often appearing to undermine the government's position in the separation negotiations with the European Union, as well as Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who often amuses the media with his apparently patchy understanding of the finer points of diplomacy and is regarded as fundamentally disloyal.

The reshuffle is a delayed response to the effective sacking of Mrs May's most trusted cabinet colleague Damian Green just before Christmas.

Mr Green was forced to resign last month after admitting he lied over allegations pornographic material was found on his Commons computer during a police raid in 2008.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times, a British newspaper, reported on Monday, citing government sources, that the United Kingdom wanted to stay part of the European Medicines Agency after the body moves from London to Amsterdam.

Unlike the previous resignations of Sir Michael Fallon and Priti Patel when consequent changes were kept to a minimum, Green's departure is expected to trigger a wider ministerial rejig.

Financial investors will be keen to see how her cabinet reshuffle affects the markets, with many hesitant to make any moves until more ground is made in Brexit talks.

Meanwhile Dominic Raab, justice minister and an ardent Brexit supporter, is tipped to be in line for a top job.

It was also briefed as an attempt to introduce new faces into the government, including more women, ethnic minorities and some newer MPs.

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"We are surprised that the United Kingdom is surprised that we are preparing for a scenario announced by the United Kingdom government itself", the commission's chief spokeswoman said.

If Holyrood were ultimately to withhold its consent, it could trigger a constitutional crisis.

David Mundell remains Secretary of State for Scotland, and Alun Cairns stays on as Secretary of State for Wales.

One Tory former minister told the Press Association: "She ended the year in not a bad place, to the point where she was making a virtue of her ability to walk through fires".

She replied: "I've been asked that before and I've said, I'm not a quitter. I'm in this for the long term". "I've said that I want to fight that [the next election] before".

"Obviously, I serve as long as people want me to serve", she added.

Shortly after confirming Greening's departure, Downing Street officially announced she would be replaced by Damian Hinds, who had been serving as employment minister.

The spokesman confirmed that the review of social care started under the Cabinet Office was being moved in its entirety to Mr Hunt's renamed department, but said that funding would remain a responsibility for local authorities. So did Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a frequent target of criticism over failings in the state-funded National Health Service. It would show utter contempt for the NHS.

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