Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
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This Is How Khloé Kardashian First Told Her Family She Was Pregnant

This Is How Khloé Kardashian First Told Her Family She Was Pregnant

In an upcoming episode of the BET show, Mancave as shared by Us Weekly, the retired National Basketball Association player sent his well wishes and love to the pregnant reality star, revealing to the late-night talk show that he was, "happy" for her.

Though the 33-year-old revealed that she'd spoken with the Cleveland Cavaliers forward about trying for a baby over the summer, she didn't expected it to happen so quickly. I'm so blessed that Tristan has been beyond supportive!

In the clip below, Kourtney teases Khloé about her weight gain, saying, "Where does it all go wrong?"

It comes after Khloe admitted her pregnancy is "physically and mentally trying" but praised sportsman Tristan for making everything "as easy and handsome as it can be" during the nine months.

"Having a partner that is equally as excited as you are, and is such a support system, is crucial!"

"I think it's ideal timing that my family's here and all your family's here to unite as one", Tristan says.

"Hearing this news is the most special thing I think anyone can ever tell me", she said.

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"She took care of me".

E! also shared the video where Kardashian held up a pregnancy test and showed her assistant that it's definitely, positively true.

Essentially, she followed four rules: A billowy coat, patterns, well-placed accessories and a cinched waistline.

"I had already let the cat outta the bag when I wore this Whyte Studio coat, but I've worn a million versions of it in the last six months". "I nearly never left home without one!"

What we hadn't seen is what it was like for her to break the good news on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" - but that's now changed.

She gets to share her experience with sister Kim, who is expecting her third child via surrogate.

"Even though expecting a baby is SO exciting, the first trimester can be the worst", she wrote, before explaining why she kept her pregnancy private for so long.

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