Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Twitch buys exclusive streaming rights for Overwatch League

Twitch buys exclusive streaming rights for Overwatch League

This current season will run until July 28th, with each of its four stages lasting for five weeks apiece before the teams enjoy a week break.

Video game giant Blizzard released 312 new skins for the entire "Overwatch" roster to make the current league more exciting. Additionally, the players can now see the game's main menu in the home to a new Overwatch League area.

Twitch has been making some big moves since that time, running stream marathons of popular shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Starcade, and finding new partners with esports competitions.

On January 10th, Blizzard finally began the Overwatch League.

According to Sports Business Journal, Twitch will broadcast all the regular season and postseason events and will develop rewards programs as well as new virtual products for viewers.

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"Traditionally, it has been very hard for hardware companies to come in and work with esports professionals and teams to create content that remains true to what we do and is entertaining enough that people want to come back and watch".

Speaking as a Londoner, it's tough to feel too much pride in our local team, London Spitfire, when the team are based just outside of Los Angeles, and are Korean in their entirety.

All 26 heroes in the game have received 12 skins each, one for each team, so no matter your main you can rock your team's colors. Overwatch League had a chance to turn this around by leveling the playing field and allowing teams to select the best players they could find instead of players forming teams by their own volition (which is how most successful teams in young esports start). Fans can purchase tickets to attend matches, which will be played each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In the league there are 9 North American teams and 3 global teams. Overwatch® was created by globally acclaimed publisher Blizzard Entertainment (a division of Activision Blizzard-Nasdaq: ATVI), whose iconic franchises have helped lay the foundations and push the boundaries of professional esports over the last 15 years. Since the very beginning, Blizzard has touted Overwatch as a game of inclusivity and diversity, with a selection of characters that includes everything from multiple women of colour to a moon ape. Overwatch, meanwhile, has more than 35 million registered members.

Then there's the risk of Overwatch overkill. Forward-looking statements believed to be true when made may ultimately prove to be incorrect.

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