Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

YouTube Removes Logan Paul From Preferred Program, Puts 'Thinning' Sequel on Hold

YouTube Removes Logan Paul From Preferred Program, Puts 'Thinning' Sequel on Hold

Actor and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul apologised for posting a video of a suicide victim in Japan that reportedly was viewed by six million people before being deleted.

The backlash over the suicide video, which showed a dead body hanging from a tree in what's known as "suicide forest", has raised questions about YouTube's lax approach to videos uploaded to the service.

The video platform is also putting a pin in Logan Paul's YouTube Red project.

YouTube announced late Wednesday that they were dropping Logan Paul from its Google Preferred program, which gives advertisers the ability to sell ads on the top 5 percent of creators on the platform. In addition, the social media company has pushed the pause button on several of Paul's original series and any feature-length films he starred in, including the upcoming sequel to the famous 2017 YouTube produced film The Thinning. We should note that Paul, despite being an actual walking bag of garbage, is one of YouTube's biggest and most successful stars, and they have a rather large monetary stake in his "brand". A selection of videos from publishers the site says are really, really, really trustworthy. "Logan Paul is making millions off of kids' views on his YouTube channel". "Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently", the service wrote. He posted two apology videos for his 15 million subscribers and announced a break from YouTube to reflect on his actions. The video streaming website was also under criticism when Paul posted the video because the site reviewed it and still posted it and they didn't even take down the video Paul did. Rather than stop filming and retreat, Paul and his band of morons filmed the body, made fun of the deceased man, and then uploaded it all to YouTube. Since posting his apology video on his vlog, Mr. Paul has not added any other post. Three strikes, received when violating a YouTube policy, within a three-month period will cause YouTube to terminate an account.

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In its open letter, YouTube expressed that it was equally "upset" by Paul's video.

Google Preferred features YouTube's most popular content in packages for sale to advertisers.

Paul now has over 15.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. It wrote, "We'll have more to share soon on steps we're taking to ensure a video like this is never circulated again".

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