Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

ANC focuses on Mandela but pressure mounts for Zuma to go

ANC focuses on Mandela but pressure mounts for Zuma to go

Zuma, whose presidency has been marked by numerous scandals, has stubbornly refused to budge.

"We should handle these discussions that are now under way with care and goal, ensuring that we put the interests of South Africans first", he said. Zuma's official schedule keeps changing as events are canceled, most recently South Africa's version of the State of the Union address.

An immediate Zuma resignation, or within a few days at most, was confidently expected to be the result, ANC insiders said. The ANC is running on an anti-corruption ticket. Other options for his removal include impeachment proceedings in parliament or a vote on an opposition-sponsored motion of no confidence that is scheduled for February 22. The two have quarreled in recent months, with Ramaphosa publicly criticizing Zuma's decision a year ago to fire his respected finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, and his failure to tackle corruption.

The need for an emergency meeting of the national executive committee, which has the power to instruct Zuma to resign, suggests the president has yet to agree to leave office.

"This year we are called upon, all of us, to look at where we have come from and to look at our weaknesses, to look at the challenges we face", Ramaphosa said.

Ziyanda Peter, a 33-year-old unemployed mother of four from Langa township in Cape Town, is looking to Ramaphosa to rebuild the ANC and revive the hope that South Africans had for a better future when Mandela led the country. It is Madiba's example that should inform our approach to the tasks that we must undertake.

Jacob Zuma will soon, perhaps as early as Sunday, become the fourth former South African president since the attainment of non-racial democracy in 1994.

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"The successful resolution of this matter has significant consequences for the country and for the African National Congress".

He stressed the importance of managing the discussions with objective. Sticking points could include concerns over possible prosecution for corruption allegations that remain against Zuma.

"It is the interests of you, our people, that must be put first, and not the interests of anyone else", he said.

"Our people want this matter finalized".

'We all know and anticipate that they are dealing with the current issue that is facing our country, Faiez Jacobs, the party's provincial secretary, told eNCA television.

As other users commented on the picture, she responded and said "Kuzoshuba ungalwi nomuntu ongalwi nawe", which loosely translated means: "It's going get rough, don't fight with someone who is not fighting you".

Several thousand ANC supporters wearing the party's signature yellow, green and black colours attended the rally at the symbolic Grand Parade in central Cape Town.

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