Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Apple AirPod nearly blows up in man's ear

Apple AirPod nearly blows up in man's ear

When he came back, he found that the right ear bud had exploded, with the case showing signs of charring and the internal components laid bare. Apple has announced an investigation after a man's AirPods exploded during his routine workout.

Jason Colon was exercising at LA Fitness in Tampa, Florida, when he noticed smoke coming out of his headphones. "I saw white smoke start billowing out", he said. He immediately took both AirPods out and placed them on a piece of gym equipment while he sought help, but when he returned, the AirPod in question was charred and broken apart. "It's the craziest thing I ever went through". It was already popped.

"I don't know what would have happened to my ear", Colon said, "but I mean since it hangs down, it could have been an earlobe, my earlobe could have got burnt".

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You look at Apple's wireless Bluetooth powered AirPods and you think that here is a benign device that could never cause a problem. "You can see flame damage", he told WFLA. Colon realized that he had dodged a bullet by removing the AirPods from his ears in time.

Who can forget the horror show that was Samsung's Galaxy Note 7?

Worth pointing out is that while the inherent incident is likely to raise serious questions about AirPod safety, it's only the first of such incidents to affect AirPods - and we now have no reason to believe there's a broader, software, hardware or technical-related issue afoot. Colon puts the blame squarely on the batteries, and believes that other AirPods owners need to be warned. A company spokesperson told WFLA that it would investigate the claim and would reach out to Colon.

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