Published: Sun, February 04, 2018
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Apple offers free iPhone 7 fix program but not for all

Apple offers free iPhone 7 fix program but not for all

The firm's revenue for the quarter was up 12.7% compared to the same quarter last year. equities analysts anticipate that Apple will post 11.14 earnings per share for the current year.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, noted that Apple's major products, including the iPhone, Mac and iPad, all experienced improved results in China. "And so I'll punt that question until next time around".

This problem is not of Apple's making, of course. Even if the iPhone X failed to be a wild success by every metric, after all, it really is all about the revenue. Apple has a fifty-two week low of $128.16 and a fifty-two week high of $180.10.

"This goes a bit against Apple's historically conservative capital structure". That's likely to cost you, even if the "No Service" issue fix doesn't.

There was year-on-year growth, but not quarter-on-quarter growth.

In recent weeks, Wall Street analysts had speculated that iPhone X sales may have been slower than previously expected for the first quarter and may drop off sharply for the March quarter, lowering their estimates for the March quarter and full fiscal 2018.

None of these developments signal anything good for Apple.

"We're going to take that balance down from $US163b ($F325b) to zero", Mr Maestri said, referring to Apple's current level of cash net of debt.

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Apple has since apologized for not being more forthcoming and is replacing batteries on iPhone 6 models or later for $29, a $50 discount.

Finally, the universe outside Apple has also changed dramatically. However, most of the information about the phone is leaked in June-July.

Meanwhile, the head of the commerce committee in the U.S. Senate had previously sent a letter to Apple demanding more information about the iPhone slowdown.

It's still February, the month when the next iPhone usually starts leaking.

It's not until you look at global market share that you realise just how few people use iPhones.

One inescapable conclusion is that the higher prices of the iPhone X and the other two other new models, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are propelling Apple's earnings and sales to record levels.

That is one possible explanation for why Cook didn't want to talk about the switchers Thursday night.

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