Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Damascus warns Israeli military of 'more surprises' on Syrian soil

Damascus warns Israeli military of 'more surprises' on Syrian soil

"The government and army of Syria as an independent country have a legitimate right to defend [the country's] territorial integrity and counter any type of foreign aggression", he said, CNN reported. Iran probably understood what Israel was trying to do, as it responded accordingly by taking down an Israeli plane.

The escalation started when an Iranian drone, apparently copied from a captured American model, violated Israeli airspace and was shot down.

Israel said it had destroyed three Syrian anti-aircraft batteries and four targets "that are part of Iran's military establishment" in Syria during Saturday's raids.

Here are a few observations from the weekend.

The Post asserted in a February 10, 2018 report ("Israel claims incursion by Iranian drone") that the Jewish state used an Iranian drone's "alleged incursion" into Israeli airspace as a "pretext for Israeli strikes on what it described as Iranian targets in Syria". It was in Israeli airspace for about a minute and a half before being shot down by an Israeli Air Force Apache attack helicopter.

An Israeli military spokesperson said Iran and its Revolutionary Guard forces have been operating at the drone launch site in Syria "for a long time, backed by Syrian army forces and with the approval of the Syrian regime", according to The Jerusalem Post.

The IDF has released footage showing the Iranian drone infiltrating Israeli airspace and the IDF's response. The Syrian military, which has previously absorbed occasional Israeli strikes, activated its air defense systems and shot down at least one Israeli F-16.

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Whatever the differences in goals and tactics of the imperialist and reactionary militaries intervening against Syria's people - which include the USA, its European NATO imperialist allies, Turkey, Israel and various reactionary sectarian militias - the people of Syria have the right to fight and to make their own alliances to preserve their independence and national sovereignty against any and all of these forces.

Israel was reluctant to get involved in the Syrian conflict, as was Turkey, and they are now dealing with the consequences of holding back. To think otherwise is to believe that war is peace.

Syria's direct threat follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's tough talk towards both the Iranian and Syrian regime; saying, "We will continue to harm anyone who tries to harm us". The intervention of Iranian troops and their Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, together with Russian troops has so far saved and emboldened the Syrian regime. That in turn should allow Moscow to dampen any enthusiasm in Syria for more. These actions prove that Israel is ready and able to couple its warnings with force, to make the other parties pay a real price. It will be wary that such firepower should directly harm Russian elements on the ground, potentially provoking, for once, a military equal with firepower superior to its own.

The fact that Israel and Russian Federation had an "open dialogue" on security matters was important, Liberman said. "We are handling matters with determination, but also responsibly", Liberman said, but added that "there are no limits on our actions when they are needed, nor will we accept any limits".

Global law is entirely absent.

Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashes under Syrian anti-aircraft fire.

It's a mess and one that is far from over. Iran is unlikely to roll back its plans in Syria, which sees it as an advanced base in confronting the Israeli enemy, and in return Israeli restraint will be in short supply.

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