Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
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Eurostar to start direct train from London to Amsterdam

Eurostar to start direct train from London to Amsterdam

Eurostar Friday confirmed it will start daily direct London to Amsterdam services on April 4, but that the return journey will be interrupted by passport controls in Brussels.

Extensive preparations have been taking place in advance of the service with comprehensive testing on the new Dutch high-speed network now being finalised.

London-based Eurostar runs high speed trains carrying passengers through the Channel tunnel, which is operated by Eurotunnel. This is a temporary measure while the governments of the Netherlands and United Kingdom are working on an agreement which will allow passport controls to be done in the Netherlands. The route travels direct from St Pancras station to Amsterdam and Rotterdam in around three hours.

There will be only two trains a day from the UK. Over four million passengers travel by air between London and Amsterdam every year, and Eurostar clearly plans to cut itself a wedge of the transcontinental action.

Tickets go on sale from 20 February, and - in a clear bid to give the budget airlines a run for their money - prices for a single start from a very reasonable £35.

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The new high-speed rail route is created to compete with airline journeys to the Netherlands, by undercutting total prices, emissions and time spent on airline travel.

It points out that since then, the market for travel between London and Paris has more than doubled. Eurostar expects this will be completed by late 2019.

Nicolas Petrovic, the outgoing chief executive of Eurostar, said the Netherlands service heralded a new era in global high-speed rail. Passengers will see their time on board reduced by 17 minutes - from 2 hours and 5 minutes to 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Amsterdam trains will offer a journey time of 3h 41min, with trains to Rotterdam taking 3h 1min, and a new record journey time of 1hr 48min to Brussels, a saving of 17 minutes.

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