Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Facebook is testing a downvote button (not dislike) for comments

Facebook is testing a downvote button (not dislike) for comments

The giant has also added that, this new DownVote feature is not for the commenter or the user, but to moderate the users' behaviour through Facebook.

A dislike button has always been the most requested Facebook feature, but Facebook has never given in. According to Facebook, it is one of the means whereby the social network is striving to create a better user experience and make improvements for the Facebook community. That's a good philosophy, but most of us probably forget to practice it, and Facebook is rolling out a new tool to allow people to hide that sort of content from its site. This is how they will moderate the comments in future.

Refuting any testing for a dislike button and detailing the arrival of the downvote button, a Facebook spokesperson TechCrunch, "We are not testing a dislike button".

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The downvote button appears to be an extension of the hide option, which is available but not immediately visible. Users can then decide whether to flag a post as "offensive", "misleading" or "off-topic". And hence, don't forget to comment your opinions on Facebook below.

In the past, there was a huge demand for a dislike button on Facebook, which was speculated to sit alongside the like button.

If the downvote concept sounds familiar, it's because reddit has been using it for years. That led Facebook to show fewer viral videos, which in turn contributed to a 700,000 user decrease in USA and Canada daily active users - its first decline ever anywhere - and Facebook's slowest DAU growth rate it's ever reported. But the downvote button could ensure that if objectionable comments rise up and stall discussion, Facebook will know. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said in 2015 the company was working on a downvote button at the time.

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