Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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German Socialdemocrats will Announce their Ministers in March

German Socialdemocrats will Announce their Ministers in March

The German chancellor insists her hand remains firm on power as the country's new coalition cabinet shapes up.

"We expect the next German government to take steps, realizing how important an ally Turkey is, how critical a central role it has, as a country, in the region", Kalın said in Ankara, as reports showed the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Berlin had clinched a coalition deal.

Angela Merkel says that the "painful concessions" she made to the Social Democrats (SPD) to secure another term in office were fully justified and do not mean that her authority is on the wane, The Guardian wrote.

But Merkel also announced that she would confirm the names of new CDU ministers before a party summit on 26 February, and hinted that the provisional distribution of portfolios could be revised to pave a career path for her eventual successor.

The SPD snatched the powerful finance, foreign and labour ministries, as well as the justice and environment portfolios, while Merkel's Bavarian allies the CSU took the interior ministry. "When the time comes, candidates will have to assert themselves".

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Martin Schulz, the passionately pro-EU SPD leader, vowed not to enter a grand coalition with Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU bloc in the immediate aftermath of the Bundestag election, which took place last September, but performed a U-turn - under pressure from senior party members and Germany's president Frank-Walter Steinmeier - after Mrs Merkel's efforts to form a three-way coalition with the pro-business Free Democrats and the Green party failed in November. We looked on the coalition agreement text, which provides directions on the new German coalition´s position on energy and carbon.

Kevin Kuehnert, who leads the SPD's youth wing and is campaigning for members to vote against another tie-up with Ms Merkel, welcomed the decision as he said it would enable the party to focus completely on the members' coalition ballot.

Scholz is widely expected to become finance minister and vice chancellor in the new government if the coalition agreement is approved.

The party's membership will vote next week on the coalition deal struck last week between Mr Schulz and Mrs Merkel.

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