Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Markets | By Rosalie Gross

Humanity is doomed now that robots can open doorways

Humanity is doomed now that robots can open doorways

After the Atlas and Handle robots, they now published a video of SpotMini, a quadrupedal, dog-like, robot that can walk around and with an hand-extension, is able to open doors.

Boston Dynamics' robot dog can now open doors.

Others had a more positive reaction.

Because these mad scientists haven't realised what happens when you teach your creation how to open doors. Rather than batter its metallic nose against the obstruction, the arm-equipped SpotMini comes onto the scene and in a rather clunky but captivating process opens the door for its fellow arm-free robot to pass through.

The video shows the SpotMini find, recognize, and turn a door handle. The arm seen reaching for the door is created to pick up and handle objects using perception sensors. It is battery operated which offers up to 90 minutes of power on a single charge.

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The SpotMini is a shrunken version of another Boston Dynamics robot called Spot, which is itself an evolution from the BigDog robot that inspired the 2017 Black Mirror episode, Metalhead. Boston Dynamics lulled us into a false sense of security by using SpotMini's arm to wash dishes, making it look subservient to humanity.

The robot achieves this thanks to a pincer grip on the end of a long arm that coils up on top of the SpotMini's torso when not in use.

The company has also published videos of their humanoid robots jumping between raised blocks, running and balancing on one leg.

One recent video showed it being pushed over by an employee - and simply getting back up. The sensor suite includes stereo cameras, depth cameras, an IMU, and position/force sensors in the limbs. Boston Dynamics was bought as part of a hiring spree spearheaded by the Android co-founder Andy Rubin, who was leading Google's internal robotics initiative at the time.

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