Published: Tue, February 06, 2018
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IPhone shipments up 66% on quarter in October-December 2017, says Apple

IPhone shipments up 66% on quarter in October-December 2017, says Apple

The issue has been highlighted by The Financial Times, in a report that explained some user's device's displays are not waking up when their phone is ringing, preventing them from accessing the accept, or decline, button.

As reported by numerous posts on the Apple support forums, the bug causes the screen to remain off and unresponsive when a call comes through. The phone vibrates and the audible ring tone can be heard but the display remains shut down and it is not possible to attend a call.

Complaints have been pouring in on the Apple support forums about some iPhone X failing to light on during an incoming call, which is making it hard to respond to calls in a timely manner. If you believe you paid for an issue-related fix and have not received an email by the end of March, you can contact Apple. It looks like European and United Kingdom models are free from the problem, but do get in touch with Apple if you've encountered such issues.

This report aligns perfectly with previous rumors suggesting that Apple is developing an iPhone X Pus for 2018. But the recent glitch is not the first issue to affect the phone.

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The X - referred to as "ten" - incorporates facial recognition technology and starts at £999, making it the most expensive iPhone ever made. Not surprisingly, the affected users vented their frustration in the Apple support forums claiming it to be least expected of a $1000 device that is just about a couple of months old.

It's the latest in a series of issues that have impacted the iPhone X since the smartphone launched late in 2017.

Thus far, Apple says they are looking into the matter to solve it.

The flagship iPhone X, which was launched at a starting price of Rs 89,000, is now available for Rs 85,991 for the 64GB variant. In the official note, it has been announced that Apple will offer free services to users experiencing the issue of no service on the status bar, despite full network connectivity, due to a failed component.

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