Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
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Mum leaves tragic note with abandoned baby

Mum leaves tragic note with abandoned baby

Authorities developed this timeline based on the amount of blood found inside a toilet stall and on some items of clothing found stashed inside a rubbish bin in the first bathroom. It begs whoever finds him to turn him over to authorities so they can find the boy a good home.

The baby was left on a changing table in one of the airport's changing rooms with a note reading, "Please help me".

Authorities are searching for a mother who they accept relinquished her newborn baby at Tucson International Airport with a manually written note arguing, "I simply need what is best for him and it isn't me".

Authorities described the mystery woman as being aged in her mid-20s and said she was wearing black leggings and a coat.

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According to the Tuscon Airport Authority, 'An investigation of video and witnesses indicates it is possible the mother, who has yet to be identified, gave birth to the baby boy sometime around 9pm'. The baby was naked with its eyes closed, Quintana said, but the woman said the baby was three months old and left in a hurried manner. The custodian also found bloody clothes in a trash can. The caller said someone had left the child with a note in the bathroom and that she was wrapped in a blanket.

Arizona is a "safe haven" state, therefore a person may surrender a child to authorities without being punished. "Please. I'm sorry", the mother wrote on the note.

The airport bathroom is not a safe haven location and the woman could face criminal charges, like child abandonment or endangerment.

The baby is reportedly in good health after being evaluated at an area hospital, according to the Arizona Daily Star. There are a lot of different things that are probably going through a mother's mind.

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