Published: Sun, February 25, 2018
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NY joins gun safety coalition

NY joins gun safety coalition

The governors of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island have created a coalition of like-minded states on gun control, promising to expand existing efforts to share information on illegal guns, and ultimately make progress on gun safety measures where they contend the federal government has faltered.

Cuomo indicated that information from New York's mental health database - which was created as part of the state's SAFE Act to keep mentally ill people deemed a threat to themselves or others from purchasing guns - would be shared the coalition partners.

They'll form a task force to trace and intercept illegal guns in the region and coordinate on potential legilsation, the governors said.

With the state budget a hot-button issue in the capital, it's unclear how much this new regional coalition will cost CT taxpayers.

Cuomo added that while the states are not waiting for federal action, the coalition is not a substitute for federal action and the governors will continue to push for changes on the national level.

The governors said the coalition, which is being called States for Gun Safety, was in the works before the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. last week but the 17 deaths there prompted them to step up their efforts.

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Cuomo's office said that "despite the passage of gun safety laws restricting the purchase and carry of firearms across the four states, the lack of federal regulations preventing individuals from purchasing guns in other states and transporting them across borders has undermined state legislation". The governors say the move ensures that states will be able to more effectively prevent certain people from buying guns, obtaining weapons, or getting gun permits.

"In light of that bad tragedy we felt we wanted to accelerate", said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. "However, we can not wait for Congress or the President to act".

The only way to combat gun violence is with "sane laws", said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy Friday on CNN's "New Day." "Let's not just advocate for better laws in our own state, but advocate for better laws in our region". The four state fusion centers that will jointly share information under this agreement are the New York State Intelligence Center, the Connecticut Intelligence Center, New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center, and the Rhode Island State Fusion Center. The consortium will include researchers in the areas of criminal justice, public safety, public health, public policy and social welfare, according to the memorandum of understanding. "The problem is mentally ill people and risky people having access to guns".

Cuomo described the measures recently floated in Washington, including a ban on so-called bump-stocks and an increase in the age at which teens can purchase assault rifles, as "crumbs" that would do little to curb violence.

Require background checks for private gun sales.

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