Published: Mon, February 26, 2018
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South Sudan to hang former South African colonel

South Sudan to hang former South African colonel

Across South Sudan, five years of ongoing conflict has uprooted more than four million people but peace efforts are under way both internationally and at grassroots level to end violence. If the fighting continues unabated, only one in thirteen South Sudanese will finish primary education, blighting a whole generation.

The report also noted that children have been recruited by all sides in the conflict and forced to kill civilians; in many cases, they have watched loved ones raped or killed.

"Holding those in charge in South Sudan accountable for the intentional suffering they inflict on their own people is crucial to stemming this humanitarian catastrophe", Andrew Clapham a member of Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, has said.

The investigators from the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan said their findings are based on interviews with hundreds of witnesses, satellite imagery and almost 60,000 documents dating to the outbreak of the war.

The elderly have not been spared either.

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South Sudan's civilians had their eyes gouged out, were castrated and were forced to rape each other by the country's warring sides, according to United Nations rights investigators who have collected evidence against more than 40 senior military figures. Soldiers had also gang-raped his mother and castrated and beheaded his father, he said.

Commission chairwoman Yasmin Sooka said the evidence against senior officials should be used by the so-called Hybrid Court, which South Sudan agreed to set up with the African Union in 2015, but which has yet to materialize. One woman said her twelve-year old son was forced to have sex with his grandmother, in order to remain alive.

Another pregnant woman said she had seen suspected opposition fighters being tortured and killed. She was kept with the decomposing bodies, including that of her husband who was one of the victims. Livelihoods have been deliberately destroyed. The conflict, sparked by a 2013 split between Kiir and Machar, his former deputy, has led to tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of 2.5 million people. It stated there is clear evidence suggesting ethnic-based persecution by government forces reminiscent of those committed in the former Yugoslavia.

The South Sudan High Court said William John Endley, a retired soldier of the South African army, holds the rank of major general in the main rebel group the Sudan People's Liberation Army-in opposition (SPLA-IO).

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