Published: Sat, February 03, 2018
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Spotify has a new stations streaming app on Android

Spotify has a new stations streaming app on Android

"With Stations, you can listen immediately, and switching stations is simple and seamless - no searching or typing needed".

Spotify is clearly focusing on ease of use with Stations as the app will automatically begin playing music when you open it and create playlists tailored to your tastes based on the songs you've "liked" in the past.

Described as an "experiment" by Spotify, the Stations app looks to offer pre-made playlists the music streaming firm is calling "stations" with titles such as Indie, Folk, Feel Good and Workout.

The app has picked up less than 100 downloads to date, while it is limited in its support for Android devices, all of which suggests it has only been used by Spotify's own staff to date. Spotify app users will also spot popular playlists like Discover Weekly, Viral and Release Rader among others that they usually come across in the original app. If you're looking for ad-free listening, then, you might want to stick with Spotify proper for the time being. "Totally free." now, the ad-supported service is available exclusively for Android devices in Australia and not yet accessible in other territories.

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The unanswered question is, will Stations give users another reason not to pay for a Premium subscription?

What do you think of the idea of Stations? However, you can't skip songs or create brand new stations.

Last October Spotify announced a brand new mobile app designed specifically to help artists, including their managers, and members of their entourage better manage their presence when using its service.

As part of moves to remain competitive, Spotify launched a version of its app for iMessage in September. It is much like a radio and users can scroll through playlists that are already there.

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