Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Sports | By Spencer Underwood

Steve Kerr Lets Warriors Players Coach Against Phoenix

Steve Kerr Lets Warriors Players Coach Against Phoenix

Then came the doubters who said they only won because Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were hurt - causing Golden State to come back with a vengeance in the second season, winning a record-setting 73 games before losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

How has Kerr responded?

In such a player-driven league, maybe it's time to consider having players coach themselves.

Kerr's strategy appeared to work, as the Warriors put away the lowly Suns easily, winning by a score of 129-83. Iguodala led shootaround Monday morning, and center JaVale McGee ran the video session.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr did some experimenting during Monday's game against the Suns, allowing his players to coach their teammates during timeouts.

Later it was Draymond Green's turn to coach.

In a U.S. Winter Olympics team devoid of big-names besides Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn, 17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim has taken the country by storm. "We don't control them". They determine their own fate. They communicated really well together and drew up some nice plays. "It was a good night for the guys". The move worked just fine against the struggling Suns, who became the first team with 40 losses this season. His team also owns the best record in the National Basketball Association. It's been a long haul these last few years. But how do you continue to motivate team members who have nothing left to prove? Well he didn't think he was getting through to his players. "I'm exhausted of my voice", Kerr said. "It had everything to do with me trying to reach my team". "They're exhausted of my voice", Kerr said. I'm exhausted of my voice.

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That lack of fresh blood has, at times, led to them feeling stale this season.

He would never have done this if they were playing the Rockets.

Green eventually took the most predominant role. "The players responded really well".

Takeaway: There are many ways to empower employees.

At this point in the season, that may not be such a bad thing as the Suns aim their focus on the 2018 NBA Draft and the lottery pick that they will surely be utilizing. Not only will this motivate your people, it will also build trust in your relationship. No team has a better starting lineup. They'll learn loads from the experience.

Obviously, Kerr is still coaching in-game, but when a timeout is called it's all on the players to make the necessary adjustments.

"It was different", coach Jay Triano said of the Suns' new look.

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