Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Sports | By Spencer Underwood

Team USA has picked its flag bearer

Team USA has picked its flag bearer

But this year, Hamlin and Davis tied 4-4.

Apparently, that's who the native of tiny Remsen, New York, has become, at least in the U.S. Olympic community. "Now being voted flag bearer is a whole new level".

Maybe next time if there's a 4-4 vote just have both athletes do it?

The women's luge competition at this year's Winter Games is scheduled to start February 12, according to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The 35-year-old declined to comment on his social media outburst after a training session at the Gangneung Oval on Friday. We've grown up watching the Olympics and we're always like, "Who's going to be carrying the flag?' To actually be that person is insane".

Just before the opening ceremony, Kim Yong-nam, the highest-ranking North Korean official to travel to the South, attended a dinner for visiting foreign dignitaries hosted by Moon.

Hamlin's team-mate Jayson Terdiman added that it is "one of the coolest things". "No problem. I can wait until 2022", he wrote on February 8. But it is so unprecedented, and its announcement on Thursday was so sudden that rumours are already swirling it could open the door to much more - perhaps even an offer for Moon to travel to Pyongyang, North Korea's capital. "And we just get stronger". "It's so cool. It's a great honour for our small sport".

Davis was certainly a worthy candidate.

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And for the first time in Olympic history the two nations will enter a joint women's ice hockey team under the name Korea represented by the unification flag. The question is why Davis would let his disappointment eat him up to the point where he's (a) starting a public controversy over losing a coin flip and (b) framing it in explicitly racial terms, which is serious business. "I don't know anything else". She will become the fourth luger to serve as US flag bearer, and the first since 2010.

Hamlin announced past year that she plans to retire after the PyeongChang Olympics.

The opening ceremony for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics will take place Friday.

In December, when asked in an interview with The Associated Press if she thought it would be possible, Hamlin giggled.

Hamlin learned of the voting result Wednesday night.

It's nearly impossible to create bad vibes around the spectacle of Old Glory being carried around an Olympic stadium as Team USA walks in.

During the 2000s, North and South Koreas' athletes marched together at the opening and closing ceremonies of several worldwide sporting events, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her mother started crying, which was no surprise.

"The nerves will be flying for sure", Hamlin said.

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