Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

This could be Facebook Messenger's most obnoxious feature yet

This could be Facebook Messenger's most obnoxious feature yet

Facebook has a new feature dedicated for Valentine's Day. When we say corny, we don't just mean "Ross & Rachel" corny, we mean you'll probably struggle to digest them.

The social network announced today that it is rolling out a few updates to Messenger, but you'll only see them "if you newly indicate you're in a romantic relationship on Facebook (AKA make it "FB official")".

It's raining hearts! A heart shower will fall across your screen. The default emoji will also be changed to the face with hearts for eyes.

Spread the love: Your custom emoji (in the lower right hand corner) will be, so expressing your love will be fast and easy. Lastly, your loved one will be the first to appear on the "Active Tab" on top of Messenger.

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Facebook will prompt you to customise your chat by setting a text color, emoji, and nickname. It's nearly as outdated as believing users want to declare their love by handing over more information about their interpersonal lives to tech giants.

Facebook wants you to break up with your bae or risk drowning in a sea of ❤❤❤ and ❤ emojis. Alerts whenever your current boo comments on an ex's post? What's next? Mark Zuckerberg pulling up a chair at the dinner table when you're about to propose?

When you declare that you are in a romantic relationship on Facebook, you will get a notification from Messenger that will open a conversation with your loved one. If you're into that kind of thing.

First, after confirming you're in a relationship with someone, a messenger chat will open up between the two of you, which sounds super helpful in 2018, a year in which it's totally possible that people in a relationship have never chatted online.

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