Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Trump calls on congress to end USA visa lottery

Trump calls on congress to end USA visa lottery

Current guidance instructs immigration officers to look at a narrow range of public benefits in trying to determine whether someone is likely to become a burden, specifically directing officers not to consider most non-cash benefits, such as government food assistance programs or preschool programs.

In Washington's latest display of governance by brinkmanship, the bipartisan accord bolstering military and domestic programs and deepening federal deficits crossed the finish line just before dawn - but not before the government shut down overnight.

The argument for allowing family members is to provide a support network to help the green card holder and US citizen be a more productive member of society - like bringing parents to help babysit young children.

Lawmakers rushed to limit the disruption and impact over the lapse in government funding, voting in the middle of the night to reopen agencies before workers were due to report to the office.

Sen. Rand Paul did not share the urgency.

Such a bill was introduced last week by Arizona Republican Sen.

In a February 1 report, the White House further piled on saying: "Our current immigration system jeopardizes our national security and puts American communities at risk".

What else does the Republican leadership need?

Ever the businessman, President Trump is set on saving American taxpayers money.

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In September, the Trump administration announced that it was rescinding the DACA program, which temporarily allowed immigrants who were brought to the US illegally to stay in the country if they met certain requirements and applied for the program.

Further, the Goodlatte bill is the only proposal in the Senate and House thus far that exchanges a DACA amnesty for mandatory E-Verify, a system that would ban employers nationwide from hiring illegal aliens over Americans.

The House Republicans' leading voice on immigration reform on Thursday said he'll support a budget deal to fund the government for two years, despite the legislation not including DACA provisions.

"Chain migration" is a concern immigration restriction advocates have with a US visa program that allows immigrants who obtain citizenship to sponsor visas for an unlimited number of spouses, minor children and parents. On Feb. 1, the editorial, "State of our union", characterized President Donald Trump's immigration proposals as "seen as hard-line nonstarters by many in the Senate". Ryan hasn't scheduled House consideration, infuriating Democrats, but he said Friday, "We will focus on bringing that debate to this floor and finding a solution".

In September, Trump announced the elimination of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to protect these immigrants from deportation, setting a March 5 deadline for Congress to address their status through legislation. The Democrats also want to make the immigrants eligible for citizenship or permanent residence.

The $25 billion would merely be authorized without an appropriation, which would not guarantee it will ever get spent on a wall or other security measures.

There's no obvious compromise that could win the 60 votes from Republicans and Democrats needed to prevail in the Senate. On Thursday, Flake was also preparing for such a scenario, announcing he was working on legislation that would extend DACA for three years plus bolster border security. With a swift bipartisan solution taking care of government spending for the next two years, maybe lightning can strike twice as lawmakers turn their attention to immigration. The setback left party members divided.

The House voted 240-186 to approve the bill just before dawn Eastern time, hours after the Senate approved the measure 71-28, with some of Congress' most conservative and liberal lawmakers voting no. Trump signed it as business hours began, and he couldn't resist a dig.

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