Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

United Kingdom develops new tool to detect extremist content

United Kingdom develops new tool to detect extremist content

Rudd said she was keen for social media companies to adopt similar automated approaches to speed up the removal of terrorist content online.

In order to talk about the tool with technology firms, the home secretary has embarked on a trip to the United States in an attempt to fight extremism with the new innovation along with other methods.

The British Home Office unveiled a new technology Tuesday that it said can detect extremist content on any online platform with a high degree of accuracy. There are tools out there that can do what we're asking.

He added: "If there are online hosting platforms in the Middle East that would like some help in terms of applying AI to detecting this content and getting it off their websites, then that's what it's for".

While predominantly aimed at smaller companies without their own solutions to the problem, the government hasn't ruled out passing law to force businesses to use the software.

Rudd said the software is created to be offered to small tech firms that can not afford to develop such systems.

Ms Rudd welcomed recent efforts by internet companies to ensure their platforms are not being abused by terrorist groups.

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The government also faces a challenge in predicting which platforms terrorists will turn to next.

Last year, IS supporters in Britain used more than 400 separate online platforms for propaganda, according to British Home Office analysis.

Some people therefore argued that terrorists will simply find away around the new technology.

In Silicon Valley, the home secretary told the BBC the tool was made as a way to demonstrate that the government's demand for a clampdown on extremist activity was not unreasonable. "And the "enemy" will always adapt".

As part of her two-day visit to San Francisco, she will meet Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to discuss how the United Kingdom and USA can work together to tackle terrorist content online, and the pair will appear at a Digital Forum event later today.

"I have been impressed with their work so far following the launch of the Global Internet Forum to Counter-Terrorism, although there is still more to do, and I hope this new technology the Home Office has helped develop can support others to go further and faster".

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