Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
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US Soccer Federation elects president: Three things to know about Cordeiro's win

US Soccer Federation elects president: Three things to know about Cordeiro's win

Carlos Cordeiro has been elected the new president of US Soccer. Michael Winograd and Steve Gans dropped out after round two.

And while since then he has been heavily involved in the sport with U.S. Soccer, that amount of time for somebody who is 61 may be viewed by many as a lack of experience within the sport, potentially impacting his understanding of what true, vital changes may be needed.

Cordeiro has also previously served as treasurer, chair of the Budget Committee and Director of the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

Carter's support among delegates attending USSF's annual general meeting slipped each round - from 34.6 percent to 33.3 on the second ballot, to 10.6 on the third, when the field had shrunk to five. Winograd and Gans bowed out after the second ballot, leaving Wynalda (10.8), Martino (10.2) and Solo (1.5) in the race with Cordeiro and Carter.

"I said winning this election is going to be about building a coalition", Cordeiro said. "I want to thank all the candidates for a spirited campaign".

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Cordeiro paid tribute to the outgoing Sunil Gulati, whom he replaces in the position, highlighting his "tireless service". "And not until we stop fighting with each other and start fighting together are we going to be a soccer nation and are we going to be able to achieve and realize our potential".

Solo cited earning $40,000 less than than USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard in 2008 despite playing 15 more games and winning the World Cup and winning league keeper of the year honors when Howard didn't win anything, approves unequal playing conditions and pay among the men's women's professional ranks as evidence of the federation/s ineptitude under Cordeiro. As Vice President since 2016, he worked to reform Board governance with a focus on greater transparency and accountability.

He revealed at the beginning of December that his current term would be his last. The men's national team did not qualify for this summer's World Cup.

Gulati was blamed in some circles within the sport in the country for America being unable to secure a spot at the 2018 tournament, the first not to feature the nation since 1986. In recent times it's been a very hard path, with the US men's national team failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

One of Cordeiro's biggest advantages was that he was the only candidate who had been in a U.S. Soccer election - and had won - beating incumbent Mike Edwards and long-time soccer executive Kevin Payne for vice president in 2026. The favorite to win Saturday's election, he won it in the third round of voting (full results here).

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