Published: Mon, March 05, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Apple Set to Introduce a Cheaper MacBook Air Later This Year

Apple Set to Introduce a Cheaper MacBook Air Later This Year

The analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says the company will launch the 13 Inch MacBook Air with more cheaper price tag compare to what it is now costing.

Apple has pretty much said goodbye to the standard I/O on its notebooks, including the MagSafe port, so we do not expect anything of these things to make a return on the MacBook Air. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who has a mostly solid track record for Apple leaks and rumors) has claimed that Apple is preparing a MacBook Air with a "lower price tag" for release this spring.

The public has not heard Apple talking about its plans for the MacBook Air in a very long time, thus leading some to believe that the tech firm has dropped the Air series altogether. The release would also help Apple up the shipments of MacBook by around 15% in 2018 as predicted by Kuo. Sadly, there are no other details on this new device with regards to specs or price. Yes the MacBook Air gets occasional updates, but they tend to be in the form of a small bump in processor speed.

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At any rate, given that this machine is expected to launch at some point from April through to June, if it's really happening, we should hear more concrete details soon.

Although Apple's patent was first filed in September past year, it doesn't necessarily mean that this type of product would ever make it to the market.

While it is just a speculation, there is possibility that Apple could do something with the MacBook Air lineup this year as it just completed 10 years of existence. "The suggestion is that Apple is planning to ship a 13in MacBook in 2018, replacing the MacBook Air". However, the design of MacBook Air still remains the same, and so do its processor. Of course, the lower price tag of the laptop will apparently increase the sales of the MacBook Air in the market.

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