Published: Sun, March 04, 2018
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Colours and celebrations of Holi

Colours and celebrations of Holi

For Hindus the festival is celebrated in recognition of the Hindu god Vishnu who through good overcame evil.

In his message, he exhorted the people to celebrate the festival of love in a spirit of harmony, coupled with collective prayers for prosperity.

It was even described in detail in a 7th century Sanskrit play called "Ratnavali", written by the Indian emperor Harsha.

Holi has a special significance in Hindu tradition.

The face of a woman is smeared with colored powder during Holi, the Hindu festival of colors in Kolkata, India. It's scheduled around the phases of the moon and is a great equalizer among different castes, genders and ages in India.

Police officials, politicians, cine stars and general public took active part in Holi celebrations across the state.

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On this day, the mythological "Holika" is said to have died.

Several prominent personalities wished on the occasion of the festival of colours.

To ease her son's sadness, his mother suggests he Radha's skin color by smearing her with paint. The Holika Dahan was celebrated at various places across city. Youngsters rode motorbikes, throwing colours in the air and shouting 'Holi hai!'.

When Prahlada's evil aunt tried to trick him into sitting on a burning pyre, thereby getting rid of him for good, her magic cloak flew off her back and protected Prahlada instead, meaning she burned to death.

As the whole country is celebrating the festival of colours Holi, string of leaders greeted the nation on the occasion. "While the ruler is bestowing gifts on some people, a merry dance is on, and in the center is a tank filled with colored water". Photo: GettyWhat is the Holi powder made over? "Don't waste water or food - spread sweet moments and make colourful memories".

College girls in Bhopal throw coloured powder at each other.

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