Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Heat's Dwyane Wade makes surprise visit to Stoneman Douglas

Heat's Dwyane Wade makes surprise visit to Stoneman Douglas

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas were not impressed with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who visited the high school in the wake of a mass shooting that killed 17 students and staff members last month.

DeVos has said she is open to allowing guns in schools but says the decision should be left to local communities. Many of those nascent activists have focused their criticism on the National Rifle Association and politicians, but DeVos hasn't escaped their notice.

President Trump is in favor of arming teachers, saying that too many of these shootings happen in gun free zones.

"Good thing I was already planning on sleeping in tomorrow", tweeted Emma Gonzalez.

"The mood is like sad, emotional", Sebastian Benitez, a freshman at Stoneman Douglas said.

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Reporters were not allowed into the school with DeVos, though she spoke to student reporters. Students reported via Twitter that DeVos was on campus for around 90 minutes and only met with a few of their classmates.

"I've decided that I don't think we should walk out, ignore her, or block her from entering", she said. I want her to understand what we're feeling. "That wasn't what we were asking her to do. She'll probably give us her sympathies and leave". Some 400 other March for Our Lives protests will also be held in cities in all 50 states that day, according to Politico.

"Our conversation about bridging the gap between the students from Parkland, Florida and Chicago was really impressive", Wade wrote in a second tweet.

Ms DeVos announced shortly after her visit that the Education Department would award a $1m grant to Broward County Schools - the district where the shooting occurred.

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