Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Putin Suggests 'The Jews' Were Behind US Election Meddling

Putin Suggests 'The Jews' Were Behind US Election Meddling

Russia has successfully launched a hypersonic missile, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced earlier this month. And since Jewishness is widely recognized in Russia as an ethnicity as opposed to just a religion, Russian Jews are not really considered as ethnic Russians, though they are certainly accepted as Russian citizens.

The U.S. -based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on March 11 voiced hope that Putin "swiftly clarifies" his remarks made in an interview with NBC News, "before they cause further damage to those communities he has singled out".

"I saw no change to the Russian military capability and each of these systems that he's talking about that are still years away, I do not see them changing the military balance".

In its response the U.S. state department said this was not "the behaviour of a responsible global player". "But the USA refuses to work like this and instead throws 13 Russians to the media", he said, followed up by listing different ethnicities in the 13 Russian nationals that would make them "not even Russian". How can you know that?

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The Pentagon chief explained that he had carefully read the Russian leader's statements: "I focused on the last third, because the first two dealt with domestic matters".

In the indictment, the 13 Russians are accused of an elaborate plot to disrupt the US election including running a huge but hidden social media trolling campaign aimed in part at helping Trump win. "I do not know, either."Putin then went on to accuse the United States of interfering in Russian elections" all the time" and reiterated that it was "impossible" for his country to do the same thing. "Secondly, we don't have this quantity of tools", he said.His remarks about Russian Federation not having the ability to affect or interfere with USA elections came just a few days after he announced that his country had developed a new type of nuclear weapon.

A benefit fund has also been established by Pathway Home to provide direct support to the victims' families.

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