Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Trump stumps for Republican Saccone in tight PA race

Trump stumps for Republican Saccone in tight PA race

Trump delivered his midterms message during a campaign rally near Pittsburgh, Penn. - a rally that he held to help a Republican struggling to hold onto a House district Trump won by double digits in 2016. He'll never, never disappoint you, " Trump said.

Both candidates in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Republican Tim Murphy, who resigned last fall while enmeshed in a sex scandal, back the President's decision on the import duties. He repeatedly referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren with the slur "Pocahontas".

Trump's statements come amid a rapidly expanding social crisis, in which over 64,000 Americans lost their lives to a drug overdose in 2016, the previous year for which statistics are available.

"He is a sleeping son of a bitch, I'll tell you", Trump said Saturday.

Saccone's Democratic opponent, Conor Lamb, is seen as a "far superior candidate" by other Republicans as well, per the report.

"President Moon of South Korea said without Donald Trump the Olympics would have been a total failure".

While praising Saccone - "this guy can really help me" - Trump spent more time attacking Lamb.

On Saturday Trump promised that his administration would roll out unspecified "tougher" policies on opioids, and was reportedly met with cheers from the crowd of supporters. If Democrats manage to retake the lower chamber, it is also Trump's presidency that would face an existential threat: impeachment. "It's not a national election".

He says the race is about "making America great again".

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"We need our Congressman Saccone", Trump said, unabashedly framing the race as a tune-up for the GOP's efforts to maintain its control of Capitol Hill. He predicted a "big & happy crowd (why not, some of the best economic numbers ever)".

The White House recently confirmed that the North Korean leader would meet him for the first time in May. "The promise is they wouldn't be shooting off missiles in the meantime, and they're looking to de-nuke", he said.

The rally at an airport hangar in the Pittsburgh suburbs took Mr Trump back to familiar political terrain and a base that carried him to a surprise victory in 2016. "A little hard to sell tickets when you think you're going to be nuked", Trump joked.

Trump said the candidate he most wants to run against in 2020 is Oprah Winfrey, predicting the campaign "would be a painful experience for her".

"Who knows what's going to happen?"

Mnuchin also argued the press should pay less attention to Trump's rally speeches and more attention to his policies, such as his announcement on tariffs last week.

Critics have said the tariffs could trigger retaliatory trade measures and damage the USA economy. Trump said he got 52 percent of the women's vote, which is mostly true if you count only white women, which are apparently the only kind of women the president was focused on. He sidestepped the fact that most of his own party's leaders oppose tariffs, as well. "Steel is back, and aluminium is back". The PAC has two field offices in western Pennsylvania and 50 people on the ground, knocking on doors on behalf of Saccone, an enormous investment for a single House race.

"He's trying to act like a Republican", the president also said of Lamb, "He won't give me one vote".

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