Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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Trump's Opening to North Korea Is No Surprise

Trump's Opening to North Korea Is No Surprise

Kim "expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible", Chung told reporters.

"If we look at the history of these negotiations that took place under prior administrations, they have often led to the relinquishing of pressure".

Top officials in the Pentagon, and even in his own White House were unaware something was afoot until Trump appeared before reporters. China's inability to keep North Korea in check has also damaged its credibility in the eyes of its neighbors as well as the world community at large. "Time and place to be determined", Trump tweeted late Friday.

"No matter how scripted the summit you have a potentially powerful and deadly ideal storm", he said: "Two thin-skinned leaders with huge egos; no trust or confidence; and excruciatingly tough issues out of which you need to produce a win-win situation".

Trump has derided Kim as a "maniac", referred to him as "little rocket man".

North Korea's peace overtures to the USA are welcome news. USA policy has long resisted offering any validation to the rogue regime - validation it could then leverage geopolitically.

It has always been this way with North Korea. In his 2002 State of the Union speech, Bush described North Korea as part of an "axis of evil".

The closest the two sides came to solving the problem was the 1994 Agreed Framework, signed by the Clinton administration and Kim Jong-in's grandfather, Kim Il-sung. So it appears the USA president decided the only way to resolve the nuclear issue is talk to the person who can make that decision. Foreign-policy elites can wring their hands all they want, but it is his ratings that Trump cares about.

"Pyongyang can say they tried and resume nuclear and missile testing", he said.

"Washington is not likely to be an option", Cho Han-bum, senior researcher of the Korea Institute for National Unification said when asked what a possible location would be for holding talks between Kim and Trump.

A man walks by a huge screen showing U.S. President Donald Trump left and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un in Tokyo Friday
Talks, not 'negotiations' with North Korea: Rex Tillerson

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects a local tire factory. Although the internal politics of the United States and North Korea couldn't be more different, in the precarious positions each leader finds themselves in politically, neither can afford to seem as though they're backing off from their positions without compromising at least some political clout.

Tillerson did not define the precise difference between talks and negotiations, and it was unclear what there was for the two countries - still technically at war - would have to discuss if not a deal to address concerns about the North's nuclear weapons program.

China, North Korea's main financial backer.

"Clearly the target here is China and how that unfolds will be important for markets", Nixon said.

Gardner and a group of Republican senators wrote to Trump Thursday ahead of the surprise announcement and urged him to continue sanctions and joint military exercises alongside any potential talks with Pyongyang, until "such time that there is complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement" of North Korea's weapons programs. "Otherwise we are setting ourselves up for a major diplomatic failure".

Lewis said there was a possibility the meeting could help Trump and Kim build a "friendly rapport", leading to a period of reduced tensions, in the style of former US President Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1972.

If the meeting takes place, Trump will become the first sitting USA president to meet with North Korea's leader.

The news comes just days after President Trump publicly backed up North Korea's apparent shift regarding discussions around denuclearization. And the North has made a habit of reaching out after raising fears during previous crises, with offers of dialogue meant to win aid and concessions.

Now, however, Kim's claims regarding his emphasis on nuclear weapons portray him as the reluctant defender of his nation's sovereignty, seeing the development and use of nuclear weapons as a necessary evil in the face of America's Pacific presence.

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