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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Two arrested for Theft over $500

2 years, 1 month ago From Adams Co. Sheriff

Duo allegedly stole from a north side business

Kohl Schuckman (19 yoa) 1313 N. 26th Quincy, IL. Arrested for:  Burglary to Vehicle, Theft over $500

Christopher Hamilton (21 yoa) 2514 College Quincy, IL Arrested for:  Theft over $500

On Wednesday, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office arrested two subjects for their involvements in a burglary/theft from a business off of Parker Drive on the north side of Quincy.  

Kohl Schuckman was arrested for burglary to a vehicle and theft over $500. Christopher Hamilton was arrested for theft over $500. 

Both were allegedly involved with stealing property from the business on October 4 during the nighttime hours. 

Hamilton and Schuckman were lodged in the Adams County Jail without Bond.