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Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Quincy Police Blotter for February 26, 2014

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Billie L. Deering, 904 S. 24th for Passing a School Bus while Loading at 20th to 21st on Jefferson on 2/20/14 at 0820 hrs.  Deering was released on NTA.  

Katherine M. Adams, Springfield, IL for Speeding at 3rd & Maiden Lane on 2/24/14 at 1605 hrs.  Adams was released on NTA.  

Andrew M. Moore, 1129 N. 12th for Speeding at 3rd & Maiden Lane on 2/24/14 at 1520 Hrs.  Moore was released on NTA.  

Christine A. Adams-Tracy, 2316 Briar Lane for Operation on Expired Registration & Operation of Uninsured Vehicle at 8th & Maine on 2/24/14 at 1731 hrs.  Adams -Tracy was released on NTA.  

Jason W. Schuetz, 1128 Jersey for Seat Belt Violation at 12th & Jersey on 2/24/14 at 1641 Hrs.  Schuetz was released on NTA.  

Dustin W. Skinner, Hannibal, MO for Seat Belt Violation at 48th & Broadway on 2/24/14 at 1255 hrs.  Skinner was released on PTC.

Lee C. Boudreaux, St. Martinsville, LA for Shoplifting at Kohls, 6100 Broadway on 2/24/14 at 1055 hrs.  Boudreaux was released on NTA. 

Lyla M. Voepel, 2009 Cherry Lane Estates, for Failure to Yield / Alley /Drive at 10th & Maine on 2/24/14 at 1247 hrs.  Voepel was released on NTA.  

Stephen A. Blake, 609 N. 6th for Stealing at 821 S. 11th on 2/16/14 at 1426 hrs.  Blake was released on NTA.  1

Kent S. Voran, 5545 Woodcrest Dr. for Speeding at 8th & Valley Rd. on 2/25/14 at 1230 hrs.  Voran was released on PTC.  

Marla B. Crager, Monroe City, MO for Speeding at 8th & Valley Rd. on 2/25/14 at 1214 hrs.  Crager was released on PTC.  

Mary C. Batchelor, Hannibal, MO for Failure to Yield / Private Drive at  33rd & Broadway on 2/25/14 at 1230 hrs.  Batchelor was released on PTC.  

Robert R. March, Clayton, IL for Speeding at 31st & Maine on 2/25/14 at 1413 hrs.  March was released on NTA.  

Lyle L. Parker, 804 N. 49th for Seat Belt Violation at 48th & Oak on 2/24/14 at 1326 hrs.  Parker was released on NTA.

Emma G. Veihl, 435 N. 9th on a City of Quincy OV warrant for FTA-Fighting at 521 vermont on 2/25/14 at 1415 hrs.  Veihl; was Lodged