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Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016

QPS referendum public forums announced

1 year, 5 months ago from QPS

Will discuss the $89 million building project

The Committee for Building Quincy’s Schools announced the following sites for public forums to present and allow discussion of the $89 million building project for public vote on November 4: 

September 10          John Wood Community College                               7:00pm

                                    Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium

                                    1301 South 48th


September 16         Vermont Street United Methodist Church               7:00pm

                                    Fellowship Hall

                                    818 Vermont Street


October 8                  Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center             7:00pm

                                    Activities Center

                                    639 York Street


October 21                Ray & Joan Kroc Center                                             7:00pm

                                    Meadows Room

                                    405 Vermont Street



For more information contact:

George Crickard, chair -  217-430-1197

Phyllis Stewart, QPS – 217-223-8700