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Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Plan Commission approves all requests at Wednesday night's meeting

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Many items were on the agenda at Wednesday night's meeting, starting with a request for a special permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages on property at 2802 Broadway

Many items were on the agenda at Wednesday night's Plan Commission meeting, starting with a request from Dennis Boudreau for a special permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages on property at 2802 Broadway. The special permit would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in the form of packaged liquor, wine and beer in one of the lease units in a five-unit retail center located on the south side of Broadway. The westernmost unit in the center, about 2,000 square feet, would be leased for a proposed high-end wine shop.

Staff did support the proposed special permit, but one man who lives directly behind the proposed business, Bob Taylor, voiced some of his concerns to the Commission. He said many people cut through his property and that this new business would increase that traffic and it could be a potential "security threat." Taylor requested that Boudreau put up some kind of post or gate in the back of the building to prevent that from happening. Boudreau said he would do anything to satisfy his customers but said "its not really my issue." After some discussion on the matter, motion did carry and staff approved the request.

In other business, Neal Slattery, staff engineer, represented Americare Properties, Inc. to request a zoning change from C1A to C1B Limited Local Commercial of 2.83 acres located on the west side of North 48th Street between "Going Bonkers" on the north and "Interstate Battery" on the south. Motion was approved as the firm plans to develop the property with a senior living center and just needed re-zoning for extra land for the infrastructure.

Also, motion was approved for the review of site and building plans for First Farm Credit Services at 5317 State Street. Because the site is zoned Planned Commercial, it requires the Plan Commission and City Council review. The company's engineering firm has been working with city officials for months, and information has been provided concerning the location of the building, driveways, parking, sidewalks, and general character of the development.

All matters approved by the Plan Commission go to the City Council.