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Monday, Nov 30, 2015


Porn on demand, dating apps and nonstop Internet commerce: Technology is ruining our sex lives

7 hours, 23 minutes ago

Now that we watch porn on phones and swipe right for love, it's no wonder men act like entitled customers in bed
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Noam Chomsky: America’s ISIS strategy is plainly not working

8 hours, 23 minutes ago

Noam Chomksy on our difficult choices after Paris and why military intervention would likely make matters worse
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Why we loved the men and women of “Mad Men”: “They’re the only characters in television history who are 100 percent consistent in their behavior”

9 hours, 23 minutes ago

Salon speaks to Matt Zoller Seitz about his new book “Mad Men Carousel: The Complete Critical Companion”
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Punk pioneer Lenny Kaye reflects back on “the original sin of rock ‘n’ roll”

10 hours, 23 minutes ago

Salon talks to Patti Smith's original guitarist about the reissue of his New York punk pioneering compilation
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We’re living in a kleptocracy: America robs from its poor — while its infrastructure crumbles

11 hours, 23 minutes ago

The U.S. fancies itself the world leader in clean government, even as we methodically bankrupt our disenfranchised
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“America has forgotten about us”: Former allies in Vietnam flee persecution

11 hours, 53 minutes ago

During the Vietnam War, we fought alongside the Montagnards. Now they live in hiding -- with no aid on the horizon
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Katniss is a hero for boys, too: My 11-year-old sons need more books and films like “The Hunger Games” series

12 hours, 53 minutes ago

After my triplets read the first "Hunger Games" book, their dormant archery set came out of the garage
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Everyone loves an a**hole: Science explains our attraction to creeps and deviants

13 hours, 53 minutes ago

Always falling for the wrong guy or gal? New research suggests it may actually be a part of the human condition
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What the hell’s wrong with us? Autism, vaccines and why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over every doctor

14 hours, 53 minutes ago

There are reams of scientific literature, and then the comfort of conspiracy theory. Why do we favor the latter?
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The truth about the white working class: Why it’s really allergic to voting for Democrats

14 hours, 54 minutes ago

There are many theories, but a look at polling data gives us a clear picture of a demographic in decline
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The end of migraines is close: A new drug could stop debilitating headaches before they start

15 hours, 53 minutes ago

Their cause has eluded scientists for centuries. Now neurologists believe they've isolated the nerve responsible
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Can we prove that God exists? Richard Dawkins and the limits of faith and atheism

16 hours, 23 minutes ago

Atheists sometimes argue the case against God is the same as the case against Santa Claus. Let's test the logic
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We made Barack Obama evolve: The behind-the-scenes story of how he got to “I do”

16 hours, 53 minutes ago

Obama's legacy will be enhanced by his same-sex marriage position — but it was LGBT activists who made that happen
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Dead temples vs. living churches: ISIS is obliterating Christian communities — why aren’t we paying attention?

17 hours, 53 minutes ago

We mourn destruction of artifacts, but the living churches being destroyed are the heart and soul of Christianity
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The rise of al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State

18 hours, 53 minutes ago

From the fall of Saddam and internment in a US prison in Iraq to the Arab Spring, the ISIS leader's influence grew
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GOP’s hell-bent on tearing us apart: A decades-long strategy to win by divisiveness now leads to President Donald Trump

20 hours, 53 minutes ago

GOP's Southern strategy has won elections for 50 years. It's also fragmented America and destroyed our politics
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The Bush presidency was my fault: I am so sorry my work stopped the Florida recount

20 hours, 54 minutes ago

Fifteen years ago, a Florida judge cited my stats theory and the recount ended. The Iraq War still torments me
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Spare us the religious babble: In Paris and the GOP, the faith-deranged are who we need to be saved from

20 hours, 55 minutes ago

Glib talk about God from preachers and politicians is not needed. Better to separate church and state for real
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The good, bad and Grinch-worthy: A guide to the weirdest holiday programming for Christmas 2015

1 day, 7 hours ago

From "Santas in the Barn" to "All I Got for Christmas Is Brain Surgery," we've got your seasonal tastes covered
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“Brillo head,” “Don King,” “Sideshow Bob”: It took me years to embrace the hair that white people scorned

1 day, 7 hours ago

Growing up, everyone thought they could "fix" my hair. I believed them, and paid the price.
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