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Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

Team Quincy

White House Workers Among Cheating Website's Subscribers


Hundreds of U.S. government employees — including some with sensitive jobs in the White House, Congress and law enforcement agencies — used Internet connections in their federal offices to access and pay…

Margaret Sanger, The Smithsonian, And Abortion

The Federalist

Since we’re all about examining the roots of our national and city monuments in an effort to purge public spaces of any and all reminders of the evil and objectionable aspects of our past and present,…

After Nuclear Deal With West, Iran Gears Up to Cash In

New York Times

ZARRINABAD, Iran — When Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps took over the nation’s telecommunications monopoly in 2009, the move was denounced as another dark step in the hard-line military group’s seizure…

I’m a Hillary Clinton fan. But I hope she bows out with grace

The Guardian

Hillary Clinton has a fundraising pot that is overflowing. She appears to be cruising to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination: and then, if the stars align in her favour, on to a well-deserved place…

Obama, Clinton Foundation Donors Sold ‘Green’ Fuel to Military for $149 per Gallon

Washington Free Beacon

San Francisco’s Solazyme also received millions in stimulus funds from DOE

EPA Contractor Behind CO Mine Spill Got $381 Million From Taxpayers

Daily Caller

The EPA may have been trying to hide the identity of the contracting company responsible for causing a major wastewater spill in southern Colorado, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed the company’s…
Obama's vacation cottage

Obama's vacation cottage

american thinker.com

Fresh from criticizing certain wealthy people – you know who they are – for exercising their democratic (small d) right to criticize the president about the help-Iran-become-a-nuclear-power-deal and soon…

Iranian Senior Officials Disclose Confidential Details From Nuclear Negotiations


In 2011 Iran Received Letter From U.S. Administration Recognizing Iran's Right To Enrich Uranium

Who are the Oath Keepers, and why has the armed group returned to Ferguson?

Washington Post

On Monday night, protesters again gathered in the streets of Ferguson, Mo. Demonstrations in the St. Louis suburb have flared up in recent days to mark the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown,…

Editorial: The Illinois pick-your-pocket bill

Chicago Tribune

Illinois legislators, whom do you represent — voters? Or AFSCME's leadership?